Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning in Introductory Computer Science

IntroCS-POGIL is an NSF-funded project that focuses on studying and supporing the adoption of POGIL in introductory programming courses. The project maintains multiple sets of guided inquiry activities for CS1 in Java and Python.

What is POGIL?
Learning Cycle Chart

POGIL is an evidence-based instructional strategy with a long history in STEM education. During a POGIL activity, students work in self-managed teams through a learning cycle of exploration, concept invention, and application. The instructor is not a lecturer, but rather an active facilitator who helps all students to be engaged and achieve the learning objectives. Students discover key concepts and construct their own knowledge while collaborating with others. Using team roles and other scaffolding, students develop process skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and written/oral communication. The instructor guides the process, creates opportunities for teams to report out, and offers additional support as needed.